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The Dye PatchTM Advantage

We create our tackle twill hockey logos, numbers, and nameplates by using a dye sublimation printing process to permanently dye the colors directly in to the tackle twill patch material, hence the name Dye Patch.

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We start with the same tackle twill material that the pros use for their jersey customization, which we precision-cut in the shape of the logos, numbers, and nameplates.

Next, we permanently dye the colors directly into the tackle twill.

Finally, the items are applied to your jerseys with a tight, finished stitch for added durability and a professional look.

The end result is a fantastic looking product that will last for years to come.

We create our jersey customization using our Dye Patch process not only for its superior print quality, but also its many other advantages over traditional methods such as heat-sealed transfers and embroidery.

Beware of companies who offer a full-color "patch" that is actually ink printed on a piece of vinyl that is heat-pressed on to your jerseys. Vinyl transfers tend to fade over time and become susceptible to peeling off after use and washing since they are not permanently attached to your jerseys.  Our dye sublimation printing process makes the logo design a permanent part of the patch since it actually becomes part of the tackle twill material, making it incredibly durable and giving it a brilliant, shiny appearance.  Heat-applied transfers sit on top of the jersey material, making it very vulnerable to damage during play and handling.

Appliqué is the process of placing layers of material on top of one another and sewing them together.  Multiple layers of tackle twill used for logos, numbers, and names not only adds time to your order, it also adds unnecessary weight.  Our single-layer tackle twill Dye Patch
logos, numbers, and names are lighter, perform better, last longer, and don't fray like multiple layers do.

While embroidery may be the logo choice of the pros, we all don't have the budget of the pros.  Embroidery is priced by "stitch count" and becomes very expensive when you calculate how many stitches are in a detailed logo patch.  Add to that the set-up charges for "digitizing" a logo, and the price for your logo patches begins to skyrocket!  Embroidery also lacks the ability to create high-detail designs since a needle and thread does the printing.  Our Dyes print super-crisp, high-detail designs for a fraction of the cost of embroidery, and since the design becomes a permanent part of the patch, it won't fray like the threads used to make embroidered designs!

We don't apply any set-up charges when you choose one of our stock designs and custom designs typically don't incur any set-up charges if you provide artwork in the proper format.  Re-coloring of all logos, numbers, and names to match your jersey choice is included in the price.  Using our efficient Dye Patch printing process allows us to produce short runs so you can re-order just one jersey if need be.  Screen printing and embroidery require larger quantity re-order amounts due to the time involved in the printing process.

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