No Minimum Repeat Orders For Custom Hockey Jerseys –


No Minimum Repeat Orders For Custom Hockey Jerseys

We’ve all been there before. Your right winger’s having some sort of life crisis and is taking next season off, so your buddy knows this guy who knows a guy who played D1 hockey somewhere and would be an awesome pick up for your C League men’s team…but he’s gonna need a matching jersey.

You call the company who made your team’s custom hockey jerseys a couple of years ago and, at that time, they conveniently forgot to tell you that you'll need to order another 6 or maybe even 12 jerseys if you need more.  Short of ordering an entirely new set of jerseys for your team, what do you do?

When you order from us, you’ll never have to worry about running in to that very undesirable situation.  Once you’ve placed your opening team order with us, you can purchase individual jerseys at any time in the future and with no minimum order required.

We even provide a custom link to conveniently re-order your jerseys directly from our website, so you can simply send that link to your new teammates allowing them to purchase and pay for their own uniforms, making less work and headaches for you!