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New Team Orders - Minimum 12 Jerseys
Shop by category on the left to view available styles, make your jersey selection, then enter the specifics for your order on the individual product page. After you've added the appropriate quantity of jerseys to your cart, go to the Roster Information Page to enter the sizes, numbers, and names (if applicable) for your jerseys (enter quantity of "2" for each roster entry if you are purchasing a home/away set of jerseys with the same sizes and numbers). Confirm that your cart contains the same amount of jerseys and roster entries, then proceed to checkout to complete your order. Once we've received your order, we will email a jersey sample image for your approval before we proceed with production.

Repeat Orders - No Minimum* (Updated June, 2017)
To order additional repeat "fill-in" jerseys for a team that previously purchased their jerseys from us, enter the team name or last name of the individual who placed the original team order in the search box at the top left side of the page and click the "GO" button. If you're not certain of your team's information, you can enter the word "repeat" in the search box to view all various team jerseys previously ordered. Follow the instructions on the specific repeat order product page, then proceed to checkout to complete your order. If you have difficulty locating the original order, please contact us with your team's information. *The following charges apply to repeat orders for less than 6 jerseys: 1-2 jerseys +$20 per jersey; 3-5 jerseys +$10 per jersey. No additional charges apply to repeat orders for 6 or more jerseys. Prices subject to change without notice.

Blank Hockey Jerseys
If you don't meet the minimum opening order requirements, blank jerseys and socks can be purchased in any quantity with no minimum required. To order individual or team sets of blank hockey jerseys without customization, please go to our Blank Hockey Jerseys page for more information.

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