Blank Hockey Jerseys vs. Custom Hockey Jerseys: Which Should You Choos –


Blank Hockey Jerseys vs. Custom Hockey Jerseys: Which Should You Choose?

Your men’s league team needs new jerseys but one question remains: Should you choose blank hockey jerseys or custom hockey jerseys? Well, that very much depends on your teammates and how many of you are on the same page about the whole new uniform thing. 

If your team can’t come to an agreement on a logo, jersey personalization, or a budget for your new look, then blank jerseys are definitely the way to go. Blank jerseys are just that…blank. You can add a logo and numbers later (or never if your league allows such ambiguity) and prices are typically very reasonable with selections ranging from solid color practice jerseys to uncrested NHL jerseys and everything in between. Unlike custom jerseys, blank jerseys can usually be purchased in any quantity with no minimum order required and also deliver considerably faster since, again, they are blank.

If you’re lucky enough to be on a team where 12 to 18 grown men can actually make a decision in relative unity (you have no idea how lucky you are…go play the lottery…like right now), then custom hockey jerseys will more than likely be a good choice for you and your fellow members of (insert amusing beer league team name here).

Prices for custom jerseys can range quite a bit depending on your choice of printing method…

Screen print, where ink is applied to the surface of the jersey and dried in an oven for bonding to the jersey, is usually the least expensive option, but it’s also the least durable as the logos, numbers, and names tend to flake off over time due to use and washing. But, hey, you get what you pay for and if that’s all that your guys are willing to pony up, then so be it. At least you’ll look like a team out there.

Sewn tackle twill is considerably more expensive than screen printing, but it’s also far more durable as the logos, numbers, and names are sewn to your jersey as opposed to ink sitting on top of the fabric. You’ll pay more up front for custom jerseys with sewn twill, but your jersey will still be in great shape and have plenty of life left in it long after your team disbands because two guys had kids and dropped out and four other guys showed up for the first game but went rogue when the team payment came due. But I digress.

Whichever type of custom hockey jersey printing you ultimately decide on, you can greatly increase the life span by turning the jerseys inside out when you wash them and hanging to dry instead of placing in a hot dryer. It also helps if you don’t roll it up in a ball and throw it in the bottom of your bag next to your exposed skate blades (we’ll talk about the many advantages of skate blade covers in a future post).

So, when the boys and girls say it’s time for some new tarps, now you know which way to go. Happy jersey hunting!