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Custom Hockey Jersey Logos

How to Submit Your Custom Artwork

Please Email Us with your custom design prior to starting the order process or include it when you submit your sample jersey mockup request and we will reply with an estimate of any artwork charges that may apply to your particular design.

In order for us to print your custom logo, we require a vector format of the artwork. Vector art is created in illustration and drawing programs like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. These files can be properly re-colored, re-sized, and printed at the proper resolution without compromising quality.

Logos submitted in the correct vector format typically do not incur any charges to set-up the design for printing. Artwork that is in a raster format like .bmp, .tif, .jpg, .gif, etc. but is high quality can usually be converted free of charge, however, low quality images that require additional modifications may result in artwork charges. 

When creating your vector design, please use solid color fills only -- fountain and gradient fills do not print properly with our Dye Patch printing process for sewn twill and cannot be reproduced using screen printing. Additionally, please use contours/curves for accenting and borders, NOT outlines, as the appearance of the outlines may change upon resizing of the image for printing.

If submitting artwork in Corel Draw format, please be sure to save your design in version 9 or older, and to convert all text to curves. For Adobe Illustrator files, please export your design and save it as a vector .eps version 10 or older and save all text as curves/paths

Ownership of Artwork

Unless otherwise arranged prior to production, all artwork created by High Stick Hockey Jerseys, Inc. for your order remains the property of High Stick Hockey Jerseys, Inc. and will be maintained at our facility for our exclusive usage in executing your orders.

Any transfer of creative work prepared and/or maintained by our personnel to the client is subject to release fees for the creative services rendered and at a value as determined solely by us (in other words, if you request a digital copy of your artwork, a fee will apply).

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