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About Us

At CustomHockeyUniforms.com (a division of High Stick Hockey Jerseys, Inc. and previously known as HighStick.com) we specialize in making quality custom hockey jerseys featuring sewn tackle twill logos, numbers, and player names. 

Matching pro style and knitted style ice hockey socks in NHL, college, minor league, and various other league style colors are also available as an add-on to your custom order or sold separately. 

Additionally, we offer blank hockey jerseys for teams seeking the fastest and most affordable uniform option. Blank hockey jerseys cost less and typically deliver in one week or less, whereas customized jerseys usually require about 4 weeks for completion. 

For blank hockey jerseys and ice hockey socks sold separately, please visit us at BlankHockeyJerseys.com 

We strive to provide an exceptional customer experience through responsive communication, clear product options, and easy online ordering. And our customer service doesn't stop there once you've purchased...we aim to make your life easier in the future, too, when you need to order again for new teammates. 

When you're ready to place your opening team order, we'll create a custom ordering link specifically for your team uniforms. Then, in the future when you need additional jerseys, you can collect from your teammates and place the order for them using the same link, or, better yet, send them directly to our site where they can order and pay for their own jerseys, making even less work for you!

Our Story

High Stick was born out of necessity in 1991 and started as a small hockey pro shop providing skate sharpening, equipment, and stick sales to the underserved players in the fledgling Tampa Bay area ice hockey market that was showing signs of growth with the NHL's addition of an expansion franchise, the Tampa Bay Lightning.

I had recently moved to Tampa from the Boston area and enjoyed playing at the local arena along with many other recent transplants, however, there was no pro shop at the rink. Players were forced to resort to mail order catalogs for ill-fitting equipment and had virtually no way to get their skates repaired or sharpened. 

Not long after opening, blank and customized jerseys became part of the inventory and services provided by the High Stick hockey shop, and as time went on the company's jersey and uniform sales continued to grow and gain popularity with many local players as more ice rinks began to open. 

Customization options were limited in the early days, consisting mostly of simple one-color, heat-pressed logos and numbers, but with innovation and persistence came new decoration options like sublimated twill logos, numbers, and nameplates. High Stick was a pioneer in sublimated twill and one of the first companies to bring the technology to market for jersey decoration. 

As the 90's wound down and with increased competition from large e-tailers in the hockey equipment industry, High Stick would take advantage of its proficiency and use of digital printing technologies and make a pivot out of local equipment sales and in to another underserved market, custom hockey jerseys. The original HighStick.com jersey website was launched, supplying U.S., Canadian, as well as international teams and leagues easy online access to a variety of custom uniform options.

We haven't looked back since and continue to be one of the industry's premier jersey suppliers, providing youth, adult, and college leagues in the U.S. and Canada with premium jerseys and unmatched customer service. 

Thank you for visiting CustomHockeyUniforms.com and reading about our story. We hope we can earn your business so that you and your team can become part of our story as we continue to add more chapters, one jersey at a time.

Joe LeColst
High Stick Hockey Jerseys, Inc.