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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order?
For new orders we require an opening order of at least 12 jerseys, but after you've placed your opening new team order, you can place repeat orders for more of your jerseys in any quantity. Please visit our How To Order page for more information on minimum orders and repeat orders.
Will I see what my jerseys are going to look like before I order them?
Yes! You can request a free sample mockup before ordering. Simply choose the specifics like jersey style, jersey color, and customization choices and don't forget to attach your artwork if you're using a custom logo design! One free sample mockup per team. Additional mockups may require additional charges.

I want to order new uniforms for my whole team. Can my teammates all contact you to pay for their own jerseys?
For new team orders, no. New team orders must be placed in one order and paid for by a single payment method. However, after you've placed your opening team order, you can send future teammates directly to our site to order and pay for their own jersey, and we'll even provide a custom re-order link making even less work you!
How do I know what size jerseys to order?
Since sizes can vary between jersey styles and brands, we recommend viewing our Size Chart and following the instructions on how to select the correct jersey size.

What is the difference between all of the jersey styles you sell?
All of our practice style jerseys and all H6000+ league style models are made with our midweight pro-knit material and have single-layer shoulders and elbows. H7000+ league styles are made using our heavyweight pro-knit material with select models including double-reinforced shoulders and elbows. All H550 NHL, Pro and College style jerseys are made with heavyweight pro-knit material and include double-reinforced shoulders and elbows. H550 sublimated jersey styles are also manufactured with heavyweight pro-knit fabric, however, most models have double-reinforced elbows with single-layer shoulders. More information on individual jersey specifications can be found on each jersey product page.

Should I select screen printed or sewn twill customization for my jerseys?
That depends on personal choice and uniform budget, but here's a quick summary of the differences between the two printing methods: Screen printed customization costs less, but is limited in colors (we only offer screen printed logos, numbers and names in a 1-color design) and isn't the most durable choice since it is an ink that is applied and dried on top of the jersey fabric, making it more susceptible to damage; Sewn twill costs more but is available in multiple color applications (sewn twill logos are available in full-color and numbers & names are available in a 1-color, 2-color, or 3-color style) and is the best choice for durability since it is attached to the jerseys with a tight stitch and less likely to become damaged during game play.

How do I place a jersey order?
Ordering customized uniforms is easy and we're here to help you every step of the way! Please see our How To Order page for more information.

How long does it take to receive my order?
Custom jersey orders are usually ready to ship in approximately 4 weeks (up to 5 weeks in peak season months of September and October) and you will receive an email with tracking information as soon as your order has shipped. Express delivery is available for an extra charge and typically reduces delivery time by about one week. If you require faster delivery, we recommend going with Blank Hockey Jerseys which typically deliver in just 3 to 5 business days.
Can I put sewn twill logos, numbers, and names on a lighter weight practice or league style jersey?
Absolutely! All of our twill customization is a lightweight, single-layer application digitally printed using permanent dye sublimation and then sewn to your jerseys for added your jerseys won't get bogged down with heavy, multiple layers of twill and the items won't fall apart, either! We've been using this specialized printing process for almost two decades now, and it's so superior to multi-layer applique twill that even the NHL and other pro leagues are starting to adopt it in an effort to reduce the weight and increase performance of their player jerseys! Visit our About Dye Patch page for more information on our sublimated sewn twill and to view photos.
I don't need a logo. Can I order jerseys with just numbers on the back?
Unfortunately no, but you can purchase Blank Hockey Jerseys from us which deliver quickly and then find a local printer or pro shop to apply the numbers for you.
Some of my teammates want screen print on their jerseys but others want sewn twill. Can we mix-and-match the customization?
No. All uniforms must receive the same style of personalization so that we can accurately produce your new team order and future repeat orders without errors.
Not everyone wants socks with their jerseys. Is there a minimum order for hockey socks?
No problem at all. You can order hockey socks in any quantity or size that you like and add them to your custom new team order or repeat fill-in order.